Hello! This is a job description for a new role starting at Gold Island Bakery in Fall 2021. We are a small bakery business.  The bakery is in a town called Scotch Village. This town is located on the unceded Sipekne’katik Mi’kmaq First Nation, also known as Hants county. We don’t have a store attached to our bakery and sell the majority of our goods out of the Halifax Brewery Market as well as wholesale. All shifts for this job take place at the Halifax Brewery Farmers Market. This job is a permanent 15 hours a week gig (Wednesday/ Saturday shifts) with an extra and seasonal 8 hour canning shift from July until November (day of the week is flexible between Sunday and Tuesday). Start Date: Early September. Please apply by email with note explaining your interest in the job and a resume if at all possible. Email- info@goldislandbakery.ca   Job Open until August 31.

The schedule is as follows:
Wednesdays 8 am- 2 pm (with 45 minute paid break)
Saturdays 7 am- 3 pm (with 2 x 15 minute paid breaks)

Canning work (this is late summer/ fall work): there would be 8 hours shifts available early in the week (between Monday and Wednesday) during September-November.

The Wednesday shift is a solo shift where you would be working at the GIB market booth to pack up bakery goods, label things, stamp bags, slice and wrap cheese, stock the Market’s Neighbourhood Goods store, put together wholesale and ecommerce orders for shipping and pick up. This shift is from 8 am until 2 pm (these hours can be slightly flexible though they must be consistent). You will be working on your own during this time though market staff and vendors are also working on site at the market.

The Saturday shift is where you will work in a 2-person team to set-up and staff the market stall, open from 8am until 1 pm. The shift is from 7 am until 2:30/ 3ish. Together with another person you will help customers by offering info about products and packing up orders of baked goods, preserves and cheeses cut to order. You will end the shift on your own once the market slows as it consistently does in late morning. During the wind-down/ post market you will take cheese inventory and update the inventory of our online shop. Other tasks include washing display tools and plates, resetting the cash-box and sweeping up.

The Seasonal Canning shifts will be a mix of solo and 2-person work (with Jess the owner). You will be processing seasonal fruits and veg into jams and other preserves. You will learn different recipes and techniques for making large batch preserves. For about 4-6 weeks of the canning season there will be two days a week of canning tomatoes (days of the week and time of day is flexible between Sunday and Wednesday).

Other important info:

-You will be paid $16 per hour [permanent component of job is 14 hours @ $16 (= $224 per week before gov’t deductions)]. During the 4 month canning season you would receive an extra 8-16 hours per week before deductions ($128-256 per week).

-Some things the hiree must/ hopefully will have:

- customer service capacity/ experience

-experience in self-directed work

-ability to work comfortably and happily independently
-If you haven’t taken the government's food handler’s safety training, the bakery will ask you to take the training and we will cover the costs. It takes a few hours.
-$40 per month market money

-In terms of personality: you enjoy organizing things, and don’t mind repetitive tasks (you might even enjoy them while listening to music), value kindness and respect, talking with people or talking about food, and you don’t mind (you might even love) stinky cheese.

Part-time hours: 14 per week at $16 per hour.

Application deadline: 2021-08-30

Expected start date: 2021-09-08

The market still has an indoor mask mandate.