Bakery Sale

Jess, the founder and owner of Gold Island Bakery is looking for her successor, someone to carry on making beautiful foods in her wood-fired oven shipping container bakery as well as take over her creative line of whole grain baking recipes. GIB also curates an eastern-Canadian focused collection of artisan cheeses and works closely with small scale farmers to craft a unique preserve line to accompany each growing season.

Reach out to Jess by email ( if you have a serious interest in any of the following:

1) Ownership of a licensed shipping container wood-fired oven bakery

2) Continuing a line of unique, sought-after whole grain baked goods (cookies, cakes, sourdough breads, granola, etc.) centered around local grains

3) Being a cheese monger who focuses on promoting and distributing atlantic and eastern canadian cheeses

4) Commercially preserving local produce into unique products like stewed tomatoes, hot sauces, pickles and jams.

Further information can also be found in this document outlining the business sale, click here.